We are the only company to offer our ECO-SHIELD technology!  

ECO-SHIELD - You Are Protected

We at London Eco-Metal take the quality of our products seriously. The protection of your greatest assets, your family and your home, are our top priority. That’s why every roof we install includes our Eco-Shield system.

Metal Roof Coating

What is Eco-Shield

Eco-Shield is our unique technological advancement in metal coatings that pushes towards the extremes of performance: the flexibility of PVC plastisol, the UV resistance of fluorocarbons, the gloss range of polyesters, the hardness and corrosion resistance of epoxies and the cost of alkyds.

Metal Roofing with Eco-Shield Technology

Why Do We Use Eco-Shield

When designing our metal roofs, we went out of our way to make sure that we offer the longest lasting, and most affordable product on the market. To do that, we partnered with our suppliers to bolster the guarantee that we offer on our roofs. So not only do we offer our industry leading 55 year warranty, but we also hold a warranty with our paint manufacturer, which is a fact that only a few metal roofing companies in the world can claim.

We use Eco-Shield technology in Metal Roofing

What Are the Benefits of Eco-Shield

A London Eco-Metal roofs come with many desirable features. Our roofs are moisture resistant, corrosion resistant, UV resistant and stain resistant. When making the investment in your home, an important factor is knowing that it’s going to last. For most of the homes that have made the upgrade to a London Eco-Metal roof, this is the last roof that the owner will ever put on their home. And because of Eco-Shield, that roof will look just as good today, as it will 50 years from now.

Eco-Shield Benefits in Metal Roofing